Friday, August 26, 2011

Memory Board…in case you forget.

A nice alternative to the refrigerator.

Memory board photo [800x600] memory board photo close up [800x600]

A while ago, as a part of a church activity, we made several different crafts.  This was an idea I got from Martha Stewarts website about 5 years ago.  I adjusted it a little for my purposes and made instructions for those who wanted to make these but couldn’t finish it or do it at the activity.  Several times people who went to that activity have called for these instructions, again, and again, and Smile  Here they are for all to see and print out.

Picture Memory board instructions


  1. Cute, I need some of these since picture frames are not really my thing ;)Cute blog too.

  2. I love these boards when we did them back in Lansing. Might be fun to do one again for my daughter's room.