Thursday, August 25, 2011

Proof that I have been somewhat accomplished this summer.

Apricot Jam: 

I made the “less sugar” recipe this time and, wow, it was so good.  You could really taste the fruit as opposed to the regular kind where there’s so much sugar it’s overwhelming.  Thank you Erin for the fabulous fruit.  I’ll be anxiously awaiting the peach tree’s fruit.  What, you won’t be sharing those with me?

IMG_8367 [800x600]

A Napping Blanket:

I made a blanket for my sister Dani’s birthday.  After seeing the finished product, I was so resisting the urge to forget her birthday this year.  She deserves it though, the lovely sister that she is.

IMG_8376 [800x600]


“Shelves in the closet, happy thought indeed.”  Actually, these shelves went on the wall.  I was actually amazed at how easy they were to make as I am in no way a woodworker, carpenter, or an avid watcher of PBS’ Woodwright Shop.  Thanks to pre-made brackets, or whatever those things are called, the rest was a breeze.  Really, anyone could do it.

IMG_8579 [800x600]

IMG_8581 [800x600]

I had to put them pretty high up on the wall because of the baby-kins.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve got 3 boys and a little more than a year ago I had twin baby girls have gone goo-goo in Girly-land.

Hopefully more juices will flow in the months to come now that the boys are in school.  I’m working on a scrap quilt which has been a blast so far!

Till 2 am…


  1. A new blog! You're such an over-achiever. ;-)

  2. Thank you Becky for my beautiful blanket! I am so happy you resisted the urge to keep it :O) I sleep with it every night...And have had sweet dreams ever since. I am so lucky to have such loving sisters :O)

  3. That was me (Dani)...not Mom, I am on her computer, oops.. :O)