Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Using up one’s fabric gives one the thrill and moral fortitude that comes with recycling one’s hundreds of diet Coke cans.  However, if I wasn’t such an addict of buying both of these things, I would not have to do either but, at the same time would most likely be missing out on this forced feel-good moment.  Anyway, I was glad I had the fabric so I could make these baby blankets for a friend who is now having identical twin boys.  The ironic thing is, she was one of two people who threw a baby shower for me when I was preparing to have my second set of twins.  Lesson to be learned:  don’t throw showers for twin bearers unless you have had a tubal ligation, hysterectomy, or you are male.  I jest, I think.

IMG_8653 [800x600] IMG_8672 [800x600]

IMG_8665 [800x600]

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  1. Very cute! I have some fabric I can donate to your cause ;)