Thursday, September 29, 2011


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If ever food should become boring or bland, I can now rely on the flavors of Jalapeño, Serrano, and Anaheim peppers to bring excitement and spice back to it all.  These four batches of salsa took two days and several diet cokes to complete.  My fingers, because of my carelessness with the peppers and thinking I’m too cool to wear latex gloves, have been burning now for 3 days.  The first night was the worst as I slept holding an icepack.  Today, my fingers are just a bit sore but much better.  I think it was the Serranos that did the worst damage, but it was so worth it and we now have a ton of delicious salsa which I may or may not share Smile

Side note:  the best thing to stop the burning on the lips and tongue was whole milk.  The burning on the skin:  time.

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